David Bookstaber headshotDavid Bookstaber is a graduate of Yale University and presently works in the finance industry.

This blog is an outlet for his serendipitous and often reactionary musings on socio-political issues. A sample of themes that have been covered here over the years (in no particular order):

David’s pet peeves include:

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting opportunity to comment on a blog’s ‘ABOUT’ page. Still, bravo on these issues! I have argued against wasteful space exploration on my blog multiple times.

    People continue to romanticize space and make excuses for the blood and treasure spent there. I can appreciate the military and communications applications of space technology, and admire the achievement of landing on the moon so long ago.

    Beyond that…

  2. You can remove all the speed limits you want,with no effect until the HWP enforces the law that states slower traffic use right lanes.

  3. It’s simply amazing, “Federalist”; you have zeroed in on some interesting drivers for your beliefs, but they all miss the ultimate point: the Governments are bloated, ineffective, and wasteful. They see the Citizen as merely a source of funds.

    Your beliefs are ridiculously shallow and irrelevant. They are more your list of minutia that don’t “go your way”. Well wake up and smell the coffee!

    The government is there to serve us and protect us – THAT is all. Neither are they there to mange the smoking areas, speed limits, diamond profits or anything else that can and should be handled by us, the tax paying CITIZEN. Why are you wasting your time and a totally valid medium to really drive at the root causes of the failure of the US government.

    “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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