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Skipping the Simple Fix December 21, 2009

Posted by David Bookstaber in Healthcare, Regulation.
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Brian Daley points out that government is skipping the easy fix — opening a national market for health insurance — in favor of socializing a significant part of our economy:

Everyone likes his doctor but hardly anyone likes his health insurer. So what thoroughly puzzles the logical mind is why Congress and the administration have focused on taking over the country’s health-care delivery system when what everyone really wants is health-insurance reform.

Plans can be standardized for easy price comparisons. Paperwork can be standardized for easy processing. The 50 separate state departments of insurance can be replaced with one set of national regulations to allow insurers to compete nationwide. The chronically uninsured can be provided with catastrophic health insurance by the federal government—all without adding the trillion dollars of deficit spending the Congress and administration now want to spend to take over the health-care delivery system.

Health-care providers can be required to post their prices, as well as their rates of mortality and morbidity, on the Internet so informed consumers can comparison shop based on both the price and quality of care.

Reforming how health-insurance plans are designed, whom they cover, and who pays for the uninsured is faster, easier and cheaper than the congressional bills, and it would reduce bureaucracy and minimize the interference of government agents in the patient/doctor relationship. The power of the Internet can be unleashed to pull back the curtain that currently conceals what providers are charging for health care just as the Internet revolutionized the way consumers now shop for automobiles.

Granted, Obama & Company recently let the cat out of the bag, admitting that nationalization of the medical industry has long been of paramount importance to the left-wing agenda.  On Saturday Obama explained, “After a nearly century-long struggle we are on the cusp of making health-care reform a reality in the United States of America.”

At least now we know what this is really about….

Agorism: The Libertarian Answer to Marxism December 20, 2009

Posted by David Bookstaber in Federalism, Natural Rights, Special Interests.
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There is an interesting subset of libertarian ideology that goes by the name of “agorism” and which juxtaposes itself with Marxism: Where Marxism opposes the Capitalist classes who acquire power and wealth through free commerce, Agorism opposes the Political classes who acquire power and wealth through political action.

Objective crimes are those which infringe the liberty or property of another.  Agorists note that many crimes are committed through the coercive machinery of the State — in fact, the mere existence of a State divides society into plunderers and victims.  Meanwhile, a large number of what the State terms “crimes” are not only legitimate, but even heroic (“revolutionary”) if they undermine the State’s illegitimate activities.