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Smoke-Free Travel? May 23, 2007

Posted by federalist in Open Questions.

I am grateful to have lived most of my life in an era in which smoking is completely forbidden on commercial aircraft.  But I just got back from a cruise, which reminded me just how far we have to go: There are still no cruise lines that operate smoke-free ships.

Any time one is on a public deck you’re at the mercy of smokers and the wind.  It’s hard to go through a day without coming back to the cabin bearing the putrid odor of tobacco smoke.  Depending on the ship, one may not even be safe in one’s cabin: Sometimes the HVAC ducts and air pressures are such that smoke wafts into our room no matter what we do!

I have given up buying cabins with private balconies because invariably we end up with chainsmokers upwind of us, which makes it unpleasant to sit outside or even open our veranda door to try to get some fresh ocean air.

I would like to bring teargas canisters to set off upwind of smokers who ruin my air.  But, unlike smokers, I won’t engage in a behavior that could indiscriminately inconvenience others just to satisfy my own urges.

But I would like to know:

  1. Why can’t nicotine addicts satisfy their needs with smokeless tobacco or nicotine pills, patches, gum, etc.?
  2. Isn’t there enough demand now for smoke-free cruises that it would be profitable to market them?


1. federalist - September 2, 2008

Second-hand smoke isn’t just annoying. WSJ summarizes a New England Journal of Medicine study confirming its detrimental health effects:

When Scotland prohibited smoking in enclosed public areas and workplaces after March 2006, researchers found:
• A 14% reduction in admissions for acute coronary syndrome among smokers.
• A 19% reduction among former smokers.
• A 21% reduction among people who had never smoked.

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