Campaign Zero: The Police Abolition Movement

Campaign Zero provides excellent data as well as concrete proposals to end police violence in the United States.

Highlights from this essay by one of the Campaign Zero organizers:

  • U.S. police kill roughly 1,100 people per year but face few consequences.
  • One in every three people killed by a stranger is killed by a police officer.
  • As long as there are police, we must reduce their power to inflict harm.
  • There are explicit laws, policies, and practices that protect police officers from accountability. Our system of policing will continue to produce dead and beaten bodies until the entire system is replaced.
  • Proposals aimed at reducing police violence are met with denouncements from police unions and police chiefs. They simply do not want to accept a mandate from the people to implement rules that prevent violence and deaths of their fellow citizens
  • Once we identify the range of responsibilities assigned to the police that they are clearly ill-equipped to handle, we will realize that there is little need left for them.