Here’s why we need teachers, firefighters, and police officers

The Obama campaign extends the following invitation:

Mitt Romney thinks we can afford to cut jobs for teachers, firefighters, and police officers—so let’s help him see why our communities and our economy can’t afford that.

Share a story about how a teacher, firefighter, or police officer has made a difference in your life.

Here goes:

My wife and I have college degrees. Our fathers, now in their sixties, have advanced degrees. We’re all working year-round in for-profit endeavors to maintain a secure middle-class lifestyle, and to build savings to support us in a future in which we may not be able to work to provide for our needs.

Teachers in our public school district get annual salary and benefits totaling well into six figures for working 35-hour weeks 8 months a year. They “retire” as early as age 55 and collect government-guaranteed pension and health benefits for the rest of their life. Our local police officers can retire in their forties with full pensions and benefits.

Watching these “public servants” gorging at the public trough has made me hate government and the union cartels that exploit it. As you might say: Our communities and our economy can’t afford teachers and police on these terms.

On the plus side: My community is served by volunteer fire companies. Just goes to show that you don’t need government to do everything — even to provide public services.