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Europeans Make a Mockery of Speed Limits July 13, 2007

Posted by federalist in Transportation.

Nanny states in Europe have been cracking down on highway speeders with radar-triggered cameras, which everyone would dismiss as just another revenue-generation scheme if not for the fact that they have also instituted a “points” system that quickly results in suspended licenses for speeders.  Every driver gets 12 points, which he loses for speed violations.  When he runs out of points his license is suspended.

Amusingly, because the speeding tickets are issued by mail it is easy for speeders to tap the points of other drivers, many of whom (especially older drivers who drive infrequently or who never speed) are willing to sell a few of their own to those in need.  Points are not cheap, but at least the wealthy can afford to continue to speed.  Which I suppose is the way it should be, since those who have the most to lose, and the greatest capacity to cover their liabilities, can be most trusted with risky behavior.



1. Hamilton - August 20, 2007

I have a dream… that police in America would never issue speeding tickets, but only tickets for reckless driving. Now, reckless driving may include a driver breaking out of the ‘safe speed range,’ but then persons would have a chance to defend themselves in court in regards to the safety of their driving.

Sunny, clear day? No other cars around? Great record? Working automobile?

I just have a huge pet peeve against arbitrary speed limits and especially against speed traps. There is a difference between a person swerving in and out, cutting people off, engaging in impatient, offensive driving… and simply driving fast.

My speedometer goes to 140. The speed limit near my home prevents me from achieving even half of that. I can lose my license for a month for going over 70 or over 10 mph in a given area.

2. federalist - April 15, 2009

Holman Jenkins, in an article against traffic cameras, claims statistics show “Red-light running and speeding, the two main uses of traffic cameras, are implicated in fewer than 8% of accidents.”

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