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Why pay to do when others will pay you? – Part II September 5, 2012

Posted by federalist in Government Spending.

Government seems to have a penchant for paying for services that could be provided for free, or even for revenue.

My first example of this was Air Marshals (“Why Pay Air Marshals When Others Would Pay To Do the Job?”), but I believe there are many more examples waiting to be discovered.

Today’s example comes from the NSSF:

TWO MUNICIPAL DEER-CONTROL PROGRAMS CONTRAST SHARPLY . . . Two news reports show a marked difference in cost between municipalities managing deer with commercial sharp shooters or doing it with hunters and, at the same time, providing recreational opportunities to its citizens. A hunter-participation program in Bernards Township, N.J., has seen car-deer collisions in the township drop from 289 in 2000-01 to a record low of 89 in 2011-12. Total expenses for the coordinated sportsmen hunting program that culled 357 deer in 2011-12 were $20,747, averaging out to $58 per deer. In contrast, Solon, Ohio, implemented a commercial sharp shooter program at a cost to taxpayers of $183,353. Some 300 deer were culled, at an average cost of $611.18.



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