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The Reality of Public Sector Unions March 1, 2011

Posted by federalist in Government, Unions.

Collective bargaining in the public sector is less a negotiation than a conspiracy to steal money from taxpayers.

That’s from James Taranto’s excellent review of the arguments against public sector unions.

Clay Johnson ofers an excellent summary in a WSJ letter yesterday:

The public sector is not a free market, it is a government-imposed monopoly. The final “customer” has no choice or alternative. There is no outside competition, and we all must buy the product.

There cannot be a legitimate collective bargaining negotiation without the discipline of a free customer able to say no. If we must have public-sector monopolies, we should require that they provide maximum value to the taxpayer at minimum cost. They may always join us in the private sector if they wish to freely negotiate a better alternative.

Indeed, private unions can drive their business into bankruptcy. (Or at least they could before the federal government got into the business of bailing out private companies.) Public unions, no matter how greedy, only drive their employers to raise taxes.



1. federalist - March 15, 2011

Janice Henreckson:

Unlike the private sector, there is no profit to divvy up in government, only a fiduciary responsibility to use the taxpayer money wisely. This is exactly why a growing number of states are challenging public-sector collective bargaining.

2. edward davison jr - March 20, 2012

State Government, County Government, Township Government wages, shall be based upon the average income of individual tax payers in each locale. Unions are unfair as the tax payer cannot bargain for their tax dollars, or how much they are willing to pay for a clerk/typist.

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