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“Seniors Living on Fixed Incomes” March 14, 2010

Posted by federalist in Government Spending, Pensions, Retirement.

“Senior citizens living on fixed incomes” is a common refrain of the powerful pensioners’ special interest groups, and it seems to never go rebutted. It’s practically the slogan of The Most Selfish Generation: The Baby Boomers who are willing to pile debt upon their children and grandchildren in order to enjoy 30+ years of healthy and unproductive “retirement.”

For the record: None of us working citizens has unlimited income, and unlike retirees we don’t have guaranteed fixed incomes from the federal government in the form of social security, medicare, and (in many cases) government-backed pensions. Nor do we have disposable time that we could devote to earning extra income to make up a shortfall, as do retirees.



1. DGate - March 14, 2010

In that case when you reach the age for retirement you and all the others like you can keep on working till you expire since you are so against any retirement benefits, just refuse to accept any.
That way your children won’t have to be lumbered with your debts.Better still don’t have any offspring that way there won’t be any more problems period.

2. federalist - March 14, 2010

The “age for retirement” is a myth. I don’t work for a defined-benefit pension, and based on current demographics projections I don’t expect “social security” or any other government welfare system to be viable by the time I might be able to claim benefits. The only thing that could possibly sustain government welfare for selfish old people going forward is a productive younger generation, so if anything those who are not only working but also reproducing should be subsidized, not taxed.

3. DGate - March 14, 2010

Thats great no taxes for the productive younger generation but you want to be subsidized, so where does that money come from?
I suppose you could have mandatory uthanasia for everyone over fifty five, this would unburden the health system for younger healthier people who don’t need it and eliminate the retirement burden. Would you be ready to expire prematurely?

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