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Which Would Be Worse: Global Warming or Global Cooling? February 9, 2010

Posted by federalist in Energy.

If the earth’s climate grows significantly warmer we will probably have to deal with rising sea levels and more severe weather. But these are changes that both human civilization and planetary ecosystems can take in stride. Over the course of decades people will move inland, build more weather-resistant structures, and shift agricultural production to increasingly fertile regions.

But what happens during the next ice age? Our current technology can’t halt glaciers from first blanketing continents and then sweeping them clean.

We still don’t know to what degree human activity can affect the climate one way or the other. But if we had to err in one direction shouldn’t we prefer warming to cooling?

Why are activists so uniformly dedicated to averting global warming? My guess is that climate change is just a pretext for a number of less palatable agendas: Population control, wealth redistribution, and other attempts by putative elites to build up government machinery to encroach on human rights and activity.



1. Keith Gardner - February 28, 2010

global warming promotes co2 production, which promotes plant life, which promotes food production for all species, including humans. global warming means bountiful harvests.

global cooling means starvation for all species..

and uh, the oceans are huge compared to the amount of ice and snow which is above sea level. the models are complete bunk. plus, all the water wouldn’t go into the oceans.

global warming is what we want.

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