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QOTD: Tyranny of Special Interests November 7, 2009

Posted by federalist in Special Interests.

The tyranny of Special Interests is a recurring theme on this blog.  Today I decided to create an official category for it.

Special interests, even in a democracy, drive a vicious cycle of government expansion to serve themselves at the expense of the majority.  Or maybe it is the government that foments the special interests to expand its power — a tactic suggested by Cindy Cosgrove:

… which is to shred Americans into hundreds of warring factions. These are those with health-care insurance, those without, the employed, the unemployed, blacks, whites, Latinos, gays, blue collar, white collar, union members, Wall Streeters, Main Streeters, first-time home buyers, foreclosure victims, small business owners, Medicare recipients, undocumented immigrants, those making over $250,000 and those making less. Our identity and security are increasingly tied to membership in one or more of these cartels, each vying for ever-shrinking resources and favors doled out by the government.



1. Keith Gardner - February 28, 2010

special interests have plagued governments throughout history. every political economy philosopher worth their words have spoken about it.

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