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Unions only serve the unskilled and incompetent October 24, 2009

Posted by federalist in Unions.

Why would a worker in an open and mobile labor market support a labor union?  In response to union agitation at the University of Wisconson Dana Hermanson comments:

I fail to see why any competent professor would want to be part of a union. Competent professors have the research and teaching accomplishments to make them[selves] marketable and mobile, and thus protected from bad administrators or misguided universities. With the protection of mobility already in place, why would competent professors want or need a union…?

Indeed, in practice unions reward seniority (at best), patronage, and corruption (at worst).  A competent worker would be foolish to voluntarily bargain with incompetent workers, since his compensation would be dragged down when pooled with their lack of diligence, and they would unfairly benefit from his skill.

And what do we get when we share the production of diligent workers with lazy and unskilled ones?  (Hint: More of the latter, and less of the former.)


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