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What About Universal Legal Care? September 5, 2009

Posted by federalist in Healthcare, Judiciary.

Since government already has its sleeves rolled up to reform the healthcare industry, Richard Rafal offers “A Doctor’s Plan for Legal Industry Reform” along the same lines.  Which only seems fair — after all, if the U.S. Constitution provides for any universal right to healthcare it has hidden that right in its “penumbras.”  But it explicitly enumerates universal rights to legal care (legal counsel, due process, speedy trials, the right to petition the government, etc.).  The judicial system is our last governmental defense against infringement of our inalienable rights, but these days it is practically inaccessible except through the legal cartel.

Rafal’s Legal Industry Reform is worth reading in full, but here are some highlights to get you started:

Each potential legal situation will be assigned a relative value, and charges limited to this amount. Program participation and acceptance of this amount is mandatory, regardless of the number of hours spent on the matter. Government schedules of flat fees for each service, analogous to medicine’s Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs), will be issued. For example, any divorce will have a set fee of, say, $1,000, regardless of its simplicity or complexity….

Legal “death panels.” Over 75? You will not be entitled to legal care for any matter. Why waste money on those who are only going to die soon? We can decrease utilization, save money and unclog the courts simultaneously. Grandma, you’re on your own.

Ration legal care. One may need to wait months to consult an attorney. Despite a perceived legal need, physician review panels or government bureaucrats may deem advice unnecessary. Possibly one may not get representation before court dates or deadlines. But that’ s tough: What do you want for “free”?



1. SP Legal - December 12, 2009

Affordable Accessible Legal Care for All!

* 1 in 8 black males in their 20’s is in prison

* Over 280 million Americans lack legalcare insurance

* Half of all poor Americans suffer from a serious legal condition each year, and yet 75% of them have no access to the legalcare they need and deserve

* Name one celebrity, politician or executive who has been represented by a public defender

* End the practice of attorneys and law-firms “cherry picking” lucrative or easy cases while denying quality legalcare to disparity groups at a fair and stable price

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