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American Politics Confronts the Ugly Reality of Fascism August 11, 2009

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If the government is going to provide medical services with finite resources then it is going to have to make difficult choices: It can’t take a spare-no-expense approach to treating every single person.

I addressed the question of how to rationally distribute life-saving resources three years ago.  Any coherent allocation of these resources will be fascist, which makes government healthcare even more politically unpalatable in a culturally libertarian country like the United States.

Amusingly, the Obama administration is under attack because its healthcare policy advisor, Ezekial Emanuel, earlier this year published “Principles for Allocation of Scarce Medical Interventions” reminiscent of mine.  It may not help that he gave his proposal the vaguely orwellian name, “The Complete Lives System.”



1. kate spohn - August 11, 2009

Amusingly, most of you do not realize that insurance companies currently ration health care; if you lose your job, you lose healthcare; if you have pre existing conditions, they are not covered; if you get sick, the insurance company can drop your coverage or increase your premiums. What makes you think the insurance companies have your best health interest at heart—they are there to profit. Insurance companies decide what procedures they will or will not cover. Wake up.

How do all of you live with the blatant lies that you spread? And for the right to life people out there–doesn’t it bother you that the USA is #29 in infant mortality rates or that people die all the time because they do not have health insurance? Did it ever occur to you that abortions may even be reduced if women had access to good pre-natal care and insurance coverage after the child is born. I doubt if any of you have ever had that thought.

Republicans are ranting and raving about the deficit which they orginally created under Bush and about the stimulus and government bailouts which are keeping this country out of a major depression–the only thing bothering Republicans which they keep a secret is that a depression would further their political agenda. Think about that.

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