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Teacher Unions Imitate Anthem World Council June 18, 2009

Posted by federalist in Education, Unions.

We find echoes of Ayn Rand’s Anthem in a WSJ review of Moe & Chubb’s Liberating Learning:

Teachers unions, of course, are appalled. They know that “the new computer-based approaches to learning simply require far fewer teachers per student — perhaps half as many, and possibly fewer than that,” Messrs. Moe and Chubb write. … Technology also disperses teachers geographically (making them elusive for union organizers); lets in private-sector players who aren’t members of the guild; and enables outsourcing to foreign countries. For unions, technology is poison.



1. Weekly Articles « Maddmedic - July 3, 2009

[…] Did Ayn Rand predict the recent actions of the Teachers Union in her 1938 classic, Anthem? ( short Blog Post with links) https://federalist.wordpress.com/2009/06/18/teacher-unions-imitate-anthem-world-council/ […]

2. federalist - September 11, 2009

Steven Brill wrote an astonishing indictment of the NYC teacher union.

[I]n New York and elsewhere, holding teachers accountable for how well they teach has proved to be a frontier that cannot be crossed.

In [Joel] Klein’s view, tenure is “ridiculous.” “You cannot run a school system that way,” he says. “The three principles that govern our system are lockstep compensation, seniority, and tenure. All three are not right for our children.”

Well worth reading in full.

3. federalist - February 25, 2010

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