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Battlestar Galactica Final ClusterFrack March 24, 2009

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This decade’s “reimagining” of Battlestar Galactica began with a good season (so long as you could get past the fact that many quintessentially male roles were filled by female actors, and that these females were still saluted with “sir” instead of “ma’am”).  But it went downhill from there: the final season, which just finished airing, was an unmitigated disaster.

The original (1978) series was interesting because it was based on some unusual tenets of Mormon theology.  I hoped that the new season would continue that theme: Mormon theology has many rich and unique facets that could serve as both the backbone and details for a strikingly original epic.

The new series did not abjure religious allegory, but what it did weave into the plot was slapdash and superficial and, worse, was mashed together with current references to the War on Terror.  Early seasons opened so many plot threads that it would take great skill to keep them on track and tie them up in an elegant bow by the final episodes.  Tragically, the final season’s amateurish screenplay seemed like it was put together by a committee of junior high schoolers: They rushed through critical plot points that could not be easily salvaged, and then filled out the script with melodramatic soap-opera fare.

If you haven’t watched any of this series, don’t bother.  And if you haven’t finished, don’t expect any sort of coherent resolution.



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