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Hollywood Gunfighting Myths January 20, 2009

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I’m giving 24 another chance, but they’re not making it easy.  Memo to the gunfight choreographers:

  1. A trained gunfighter would never voluntarily walk into a gun fight carrying just a handgun.  “You carry a handgun to fight your way to a long gun.”  Stop showing gunfighters getting out of their cars to go after an armed opponent without grabbing the shotgun or rifle they would almost surely carry in the trunk.
  2. A trained gunfighter does not hold his gun out with straight arms like he’s doing a basic target qualification when stalking or in close quarters.  Any fighter caught in that pose deserves to have his gun grabbed or his arms broken by a swift whack from an opponent on his periphery.  Please visit Sabre Tactical for video clips on how handguns are supposed to be handled in close quarters, and note that it is not any less photogenic!
  3. The combat ready position does not involve pointing a handgun at the ground with arms locked straight.  If it’s out of a holster then the handgun is pointed wherever the gunfighter most expects the threat.


1. federalist - February 23, 2009

How bad are handguns at stopping humans? Here are just two recent cases cited on TheFirearmBlog:
.40 cal bullet fails to penetrate hair
9mm bullet bounces off forehead

2. federalist - May 7, 2010

Here’s a longer rant by a LEO against Hollywood’s bad habits.

FWIW, Burn Notice and The Unit are two series that obviously have at least one good real-world tactics consultant involved in production.

3. New TV Series: Chicago PD – Win; Intelligence – Fail | Federalist - January 12, 2014

[…] Not too long into the first episode of Chicago PD some police roll up on the apartment of a suspect, get out of their cars, and immediately take gunfire from a window. The sergeant on scene shouts, “Get the long guns,” so they holster their pistols and pop their trunks to grab their rifles before going into the building. Finally! […]

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