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QOTD: Restore Federalism to Washington December 28, 2008

Posted by federalist in Federalism.

Antony Davies in a WSJ letter:

The founders’ protection against legal bloat was to limit the federal government in favor of stronger state governments. Had history unfolded differently, today we would have a market of 50 state governments competing with one another by offering the best governance possible at the lowest cost. The state governments would be checked in the same way that businesses (and school districts) are checked — when they failed to serve, people would walk away. Instead, the growing concentration of power in the federal government is making governance a monopoly industry. With less and less ability to walk away, the people have but one remaining “outside movement” for government overhaul — rebellion.

Randy Marsh weighs in on the subject as well in the same letters section:

Unfortunately, Washington has continued to assimilate all government unto itself, thereby reducing the states to beggars of the central government. This is a complete reversal of the Founding Fathers’ original intent.



1. A Patriot - December 29, 2008

If Jefferson and others were alive today, I believe they would be calling for an overthrow of the federal government. If you’re not familiar with it, take a look at the section of the Declaration of Independence, starting at the third paragraph, which lists the specific instances of tyranny the states cite as reasons for declaring independence. Almost all of those instances have clear analogues to actions of the federal government today. The Constitution enumerates specific powers of the federal government. All other rights are reserved to the states and to the people. Today, the states are as much victims of federal tyranny as are the people.

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