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A Minarchist is an Anarchist who has been mugged December 23, 2008

Posted by federalist in Government, Natural Rights, Social Politics.

I’ve spent some time over on the Mises Institute’s forums, which seem to be largely populated with anarchists — indeed, anarchists who haven’t yet had to put forth a detailed philosophy for a practical world built on their principles.  Since I would describe myself as more of a minarchist it has been amusing to be in the position of arguing for government!

[Addendum: Nicolas Maloberti offers a good description of the fundamentally impractical nature of anarchist philosophy in Part I of his essay at the Libertarian Papers.]



1. Francois Tremblay - December 24, 2008

How doubly ironic that the “possibly related post” for this entry is my own “Why minarchism is the greatest delusion.” It makes good counter-reading to your entry:
part 1- http://francoistremblay.wordpress.com/2007/09/02/why-minarchism-is-the-greatest-delusion-part-13/
part 2- http://francoistremblay.wordpress.com/2007/09/06/194/
part 3- http://francoistremblay.wordpress.com/2007/09/10/why-minarchism-is-the-greatest-delusion-part-33/

2. federalist - December 24, 2008

Those posts are a good summary of anarchist arguments against minarchy. There is no question that anything but anarchy is a logical minefield. But neither is there any question in my mind that some government is necessary: As Madison elaborated in Federalist 51, men are not angels. But neither is government by angels possible, which is why the founding fathers fully expected that periodic revolutions — including violent revolutions — against the government would be necessary to preserve the minarchy they proposed. Viva la revolucion!

3. Jesse - January 12, 2009

minarchy doesn’t solve the issue of who should have authority. anarchy at least challenges that question at all times.

“liberty requires eternal vigilance.”

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