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Fusion Energy Update: Small cells instead of large reactors? November 3, 2008

Posted by federalist in Energy.

The tokamak approach to fusion energy generation, which is being pursued by the massive ITER project, isn’t the only candidate in the works.  Sandia is operating an amazing “Z-pinch” machine, which generates massive pulses of energy that could be focused on small fuel capsules to produce fusion.  Pyroelectric fusion is also a relatively new idea still being investigated.

I reviewed alternatives after reading about the extraordinary energy levels produced by peeling tape (triboluminescence) in a vacuum.  Practical fusion energy might, in the end, come from processes that work on a small scale — which don’t require sustained fusion reactions or the enormous machines necessary to ignite, fuel, control, and harvest energy from them.  Imagine two adhesive rollers turning against each other, emitting high energy photons that focus on a separate deuterium impregnated medium.  You can modulate the fusion power by peeling the adhesive faster or slower, and limit the power by limiting the density of the fusion medium in front of the adhesive ray.

As with sonoluminescent “bubble fusion,” triboluminescent fusion would not be cold fusion but rather conventional (hot) fusion run at a microscopic scale where tiny bursts of energy can be created and released in a controlled fashion without a huge net input or output of energy.  Sort of like a fuel cell compared to a combustion turbine.



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