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How to Make It In Our Two-Party System May 22, 2008

Posted by federalist in Government, Special Interests.

Bruce Bartlett suggests that vitalizing a third political party in the United States is a hopeless cause.

Because of the Electoral College, restrictions on ballot access and onerous campaign finance laws, third parties simply aren’t viable for actually electing candidates. Nor do they pull the major parties toward their position: Ron Paul’s success did not encourage other Republican presidential candidates to even pay lip service to his ideas.

I believe that libertarian ideas would be better promoted by an interest group such as the National Rifle Association than through the Libertarian Party. Such a group could use the limited resources available for libertarian ideas far more effectively by establishing a political action committee, lobbying and advertising than by a political party running futile campaigns for public office.

We have previously noted how special interests dominate two-party politics. Hence, the solution to making a difference in this system: Become a special interest!

The NRA, with roughly 4 million members, has had tremendous success defending the right to keep and bear arms.  It doesn’t seem far-fetched to imagine a few million Americans willing to pay dues in support of the Libertarian agenda.  National Libertarian Association, anyone?



1. ReasonableCitizen - July 27, 2008

I am not convinced. I think the issue is for a third party to throw the election into the House on purpose. Better people than I may be able to identify a regional issue, develop a regional campaign, and cause a few regional states to vote for a candidate who will bully pulpit their cause. Do this once and you will have everyone’s attention.
I think that a national campaign will fail but a regional campaign may garner enough money and attention to overturn the Republican and Democrat apple carts. If I were to pick an issue it would be saving manufacturing jobs in manufacturing states. One Presidential candidate, one Party, one theme. Agree with, and repeat, every despicable thing the Republicans say about Democrats and vice versa. Hammer home that there is ony one candidate intent on saving America by saving the Industry of America. And if that state apportions its electoral votes, the better chance for success.
Save America, Vote Responsibly in 2008. Don’t vote Republican or Democrat.

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