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Win at Gambling Using Quantum Physics May 11, 2008

Posted by federalist in Finance.

Let’s consider games where:

  1. A very small bet can have an enormous “jackpot” payout, and
  2. Every iteration of the game has a jackpot scenario.

In the case of a typical government lottery there is a winning number every draw, and a player who has chosen that number in advance will win the jackpot.  For example in “PowerBall” a player chooses 5 unique numbers between 1 and 55, and then a sixth number in the range 1-42.  The odds of winning the jackpot (which has present value of at least $8MM at all times) are 1 in 146MM (55-choose-5 times 42).

The problem with a truly random game like this is that you can play any number of times and still not win.

However quantum physics gives us a strategy that, in a sense, guarantees we will win every single time. I alluded to this in an earlier post: If we act based on the outcome of a random quantum event then there is an alternate reality in which we make each possible choice. The difference between a classical random number generator (e.g., coin-flipping) and a quantum random number generator is that the former is fundamentally deterministic. I.e., there is no reason to believe that when a coin comes up tails there is an alternate universe in which at the same moment it came up heads. In contrast, an unbiased quantum flip truly does come up both heads and tails in “alternate realities.”

I think the world would be a better place if I had a lot more money under my control. So I will select 28 random qubits and spend $1 to play PowerBall. I know that at the end of the game there exists exactly one reality in which I am an instant multimillionaire. Granted, that is one of only 146MM alternate realities. But if I don’t undertake this exercise I would expect exactly zero realities in which I am much richer next week.

If we incorporated random qubits into our large-scale activity, instead of waiting for the effects of quantum probabilities to ooze up from the atomic level, the “multiverse” would be a much more diverse place!


1. federalist - May 19, 2008
2. federalist - May 22, 2008
3. Fergus - April 5, 2015

I have put only tought into this , I was at a horse racing day recently, I got involved in betting with no luck .. In the main race , 8 horses ran . Am I right in saying quantum physics says all 8 will cross the line together but then will form as one winner ???

federalist - April 5, 2015

No, absolutely nothing like that. If the “many worlds” interpretation of quantum physics is correct, and you use a quantum random number generator to pick a winner, I was merely pointing out that you can place a bet that ensures that in one world you will pick the winner. (But in the other seven worlds created by your random number generator you will have not picked the winner.)

Fergus - April 6, 2015

Of course finding that reality Seems an impossible challenge, unless we can beat time & see what the results are . For eg .. I arrived at the races by train in a quick 40 mins where if I walked it would take over 15-20 hours , in theory space became distorted by train , ( this can be seen looking out the window of a fast moving train ) point A to point B folds a little closer to each other , still this only makes us arrive on time .. Imagine we knew how to go back in time even if only for a few mins . Just a mad mental thought , 😃

4. Kish - July 29, 2017

I understand that you are talking about the possibility of you being a winner in quantum world because of the multiverse theory. However, I believe the quantum mechanics are happening in our brain and it is affecting the outcome of many things we treat as important.

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