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Fine Water June 10, 2007

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Ever since I read this review of a gallon of milk on Amazon I have enjoyed the subtle sarcasm in the blurbs that accompany those specialty restaurant menus for wine, martinis, single-malt scotch, etc.  I hit the jackpot on an NCL cruise where I found a four-page “Water menu.”  It listed bottled waters by bubbliness, and included such gems as the $11/liter “Ramlosa” from Sweden, “Discovered in the late 1800s by accident while drilling for coal, this water was later analyzed and proven to be as pure and rich in minerals as the most famous waters of Europe.”

Nevertheless, I think it’s fair to devote a little bit more attention to drinking water.  Time magazine this week has a feature on “Fine Water” that is both amusing and illuminating:

[A]bout 75% of the fine-water experience is mouthfeel–basically, how many bubbles there are and how big they are. Some 20% comes from how dense the liquid is with minerals such as calcium and magnesium–which, to my shock, is listed on the side of most bottles as the TDS: total dissolved solids. The remaining 5%, Mascha claimed, comes down to pH balance: slightly alkaline waters taste sweet; acidic ones have a tinge of sourness.



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