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QOTD November 20, 2006

Posted by federalist in Government.

Reflecting on the recent election, I conclude that people can be divided into three groups:Members of the first group (consisting of left-liberals and some conservatives) imagine that society is a consciously created machine requiring an operator and a bevy of busy technicians to keep it working properly.

Members of the second group (libertarians and some conservatives) understand that society is a complex and undesigned organism that, when rules of private property are well-enough entrenched, works quite well according to its own logic — a working that is typically disrupted for the worse by government meddling.

The third group is made up of politicians and their hangers-on: They see society as a she-goat to be milked for their own power and glory.

Donald J. Boudreaux
Chairman, Department of Economics
George Mason University



1. federalist - February 18, 2008

Another worthy observation on liberals vs. conservatives, from Andrew Klavan in a letter to the WSJ:

Conservatives celebrate America’s heroes despite their sins because they understand man to be an imperfect creature and admire individuals who rise above those imperfections. Liberals reject these same sinners despite their greatness because they compare them to an ideal of what man can be — a comparison in which all of us fall eternally short. Much arises from this difference between us, including conservatives’ determination that each of us should be free even with our failings, and liberals’ equal determination to tangle us in the coils of their majestic high-mindedness and then crush us into a state of virtue.

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