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State-Sponsored Terrorism: The New World Order August 20, 2006

Posted by federalist in Social Politics.

Kevin Ferris has a wonderful modest proposal in his essay, “Maybe West needs its own Hezbollah.”

We certainly have a lot to learn from the latest battle between Hezbollah and Israel.  Consider:

  • “U.N. Resolution 1701 calls for a cease-fire between a nation-state, Israel, that was responding to an attack, and a terrorist group, Hezbollah, that crossed an internationally recognized border to kill and kidnap Israeli soldiers.”
  • Hezbollah is armed and funded by Syria and Iran.
  • Hezbollah openly flaunts all laws of warfare: intentionally targeting civilians, using human shields, fighting without uniforms, taking hostages, and abusing prisoners.
  • Hezbollah overtly abrogates treaties and agreements even when it has signed on to them.  (“Our struggle will end only when [Israel] is obliterated. We recognize no treaty with it, no cease-fire, and no peace agreements….”)

Meanwhile, Israel adheres to the laws of war and respects its treaties (but is still roundly indicted for engaging in defensive warfare).  Israel is like a responsible adult trying to defend itself against a vicious gang of teenagers who know that they can get away with almost anything because in today’s world juveniles are only rehabilitated, never punished as adults.

What’s a rational state to do?  Simple: Recruit its own gang of juvenile gangsters to take on its enemies.  Finally we could wage a defensive battle (by proxy) without all those pesky rules against terror, torture, political assassinations, and so forth getting in the way.  As Ferris points out, if anyone complains about our state-backed militias, “the West can simply mouth pieties about ‘freedom fighters’ and the ‘legitimate aspirations of a people’.”

It works for Islamofascists.  Why not let it work for us?



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