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Bring Back Clear Cola May 10, 2006

Posted by federalist in Open Questions.

Why does every soft-drink company insist on putting caramel coloring in drinks that would otherwise be clear?  I know there were some bad branding experiences with this in the early 1990’s, but there has got to be a market for uncolored drinks.  I would even pay a premium to have ingredients left out that have no effect on taste, shelf-life, or quality.

And while I’m on the subject of superfluous ingredients: Why is it so hard to find soaps and detergents without added colors and odors?  I buy soap to remove dirt and oil.  If I want color or smells I can buy my own dyes and perfumes.  Why do consumer product companies insist on mixing all three products?  What are the odds that they get not only the detergent but also a color and a smell that I will personally enjoy into the same bottle?  So far, it seems, practically none.  Again, it’s weird that I am willing to pay a premium for dye- and perfume-free products.  I should be getting a discount.  And I certainly shouldn’t have to hunt for these products!



1. Andrew Speakman - January 19, 2011

Was just searching to see if a clear cola still existed when I came across this. At least we have more natural colas nowadays like curiosity cola and pepsi raw.

Completely agree about adding unnecessary ingredients – less is often more.

I quite like olive oil soap, it’s generally a lot less processed than other soaps with no added perfume or colour, giving it a nice mottled green look, but like you say, it comes at a price, albeit probably partly due to lower production and higher quality ingredients.

It’s the same with so many things – ketchup, fruit yoghurt, eggs in some countries.. Maybe people just expect them to be a certain colour

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