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Butcher Surcharge for Restaurants? May 4, 2006

Posted by federalist in Open Questions.

Why do restaurants think it’s acceptable to put a $20 entree in front of with meat still attached to bones and surrounded by fat and gristle?

The bones are not edible.  Although some people like it, I don’t enjoy cutting around bands of fat, arteries, tendons, etc.  I like muscle, and after I’ve paid a restaurant to butcher and cook a slab of meat I don’t see why I should have to go to work with my fork and knife to trim away the other parts.  (Granted, there are exceptions: The rib in a lamb chop makes a convenient handle, allowing it to be served as a party food without utensils.)

But, you may say, many people do eat the fat and gristle.  Which is true enough: And there are plenty of people in the world who jump at the chance to eat organs that would make most Americans queasy.  But I’m a little old for the “There are children starving in Africa so eat this food you don’t like” line.

Perhaps restaurants could start to offer fully trimmed cuts of meat for an additional fee?  Call it a butcher surcharge — for patrons who would rather not have to finish the butcher’s job on their plate.



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